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Little Farmers Market

I had so much fun planning the boys 2nd birthday!  I knew exactly what I wanted about 6 months ago and found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram!  I may or may not have gone a bit overboard but they only turn 2 once right?  And any excuse to throw a party is never a bad thing!  I’m sure next year they will be telling me they want red and yellow trucks with dinosaurs and flying dragons!

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I’ve been busy planning for the upcoming party I am hosting next weekend!  I have been having so much fun looking for ideas and putting things together.  When I saw the idea to put flowers in ice on pinterest a few years ago I was bound and determined to find a time to do it!  It’s super easy but makes such a statement.  I plan to use these ice cubes in the beer bucket (if you want to use them in drinks make sure you chose edible flowers!). 

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