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Santa Baby

I know, I know – I say it every year, but Christmas truly is my favorite holiday.  Nothing makes me more excited than spending time with family, eating lots of cookies, and drinking all the holiday drinks from Starbucks, but does anyone else think they have gotten about 2 times sweeter?!  Anyway, I still get them so who am I kidding, it’s clearly not that big of a deal.  Since we have had the boys,

Christmas Dinner!

This was our first year cooking a turkey and hosting Christmas for my in-laws (unfortunately they ended up with the flu Christmas Eve and couldn’t make it in).  It was fun but not as much fun as getting the table ready.  I started playing with the table setting the weekend before Christmas.  I didn’t want to try something and then decide last minute that something was missing (a mistake that I made over Thanksgiving –

Baby it’s Cold Outside

I had so much fun preparing for the holidays this year!  One of things that I was most excited about was the hot chocolate bar that I had planned.  For those of you who know me, I have a major sweet tooth.  It took almost everything out of me to not eat it all before Christmas Eve!  I found most of the stuff at World Market and HomeGoods – about 3 weeks before Christmas. 

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I have been pretty bored the last couple of days;  I haven’t really left the house.  Still feeling a bit of discomfort after the procedure but nothing that I can’t handle.  Since I have been so stir crazy, I decided to try some different looks on our dining room table using what I already had out from Thanksgiving.



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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past week I have been to Target at least three times in order to buy the perfect holiday decorations.  I swear, Target has the best selection of cute but still chic Christmas decorations.  I had the hardest time going to sleep Thursday night because I couldn’t stop thinking about decorating.  I spent most of today finalizing what all I actually needed by putting together a few trial looks.  Here is a sneak peak at our dining room. 

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Favorite Time of The Year

Christmas is my favorite Holiday.  I am so excited to start decorating and buying presents for our family and friends.  Brent and I plan out a year in advance when it comes to Christmas.  We set a budget and put that money aside gradually so that we don’t take such a huge hit in December.  We are going to start on our lists this week!

I’ve already started purchasing Christmas decorations for our house (last year I didn’t decorate since we were in Canada for the holidays). 

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