When I saw this on Pinterest I was super excited…an alcoholic beverage with cotton candy, yes please!  Needless to say, I definitely didn’t do enough research as to how to get the cotton candy to sit on the rim of the glass without touching the liquid…because you know, common sense.  Anyway, it was fun and I enjoyed eating the cotton candy and have a sip or two of lemonade!  This one is from World Market – they seriously have the best selection of drinks.   Not only do they taste good but they are also super pretty!  Anyway, I’m curious to see if any of you guys have had any major Pinterest fails?  I feel like all we ever hear about are the success stories, why not share the fails so we can all have a good laugh?!  Life is definitely  not as perfect as a Pinterest board!

Sweatshirt:  Anthropologie – sold out

Jeans: Old Navy

White Blouse: Shopbop

Lemonade: World Market

Photos:  Joanna Booth Photography

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