I can’t believe that Noah will be 12 weeks old on Friday – it feels like just yesterday that these pictures were taken.  When I was younger, I didn’t want to listen to my parents when they would tell me to enjoy the moment because time goes by much faster the older you get.  Now I finally understand what they meant.  We are all so busy living life that its easy to get into a routine and miss those moments. My maternity leave was much different this time around.  I only took 8 weeks and this time I didn’t have Brent home with me.  One baby is much different than two. Yes, it’s easier(probably because I now know what I’m doing) but it’s also a lot quieter!  The nights were and are still long but definitely nowhere near what it was like with the twins.  We have the Halo Bassinest that sits by my side of the bed and is a huge life saver – I’m able to rock it when he starts fussing or turn on the soothing music and vibration mode that it offers.  We have a super convenient set up in our bathroom where we can change Noah rather than having to go all the way to his room in the middle of the night.   Sadly though, this is all going to change.  Soon, we will be transitioning Noah to his crib, like we did with the boys at 12 weeks.  Hoping this transition will be as easy for him as it was Max and Hudson!  Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted and maybe even provide an update with our sleep training routine.  For those of you interested in my dress, I found it at Morning Lavender.  They seriously have the best dresses!

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