I had so much fun planning the boys 2nd birthday!  I knew exactly what I wanted about 6 months ago and found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram!  I may or may not have gone a bit overboard but they only turn 2 once right?  And any excuse to throw a party is never a bad thing!  I’m sure next year they will be telling me they want red and yellow trucks with dinosaurs and flying dragons! 🙂  I am so in love with how the cake, cupcakes and cookies turned out!  Sally’s Sweets knocked it out of the park with her water color cookies – I sent her my vision (seriously couldn’t find any water color fruit cookies sooooo used some pictures of decals I found online)and she totally nailed it!  This is the 5th time we have worked together and I have to say, she really knows me now!  I saw the cake and cupcakes on a ton of Pinterest boards so I that made it easy!

The party favor buffet (aka goodie bags) was another favorite of mine.  Since the boys are only two, I knew that their parents were going to be with them.  I wanted to make sure my friends knew how much I appreciated them taking their Saturday to hang out with us!  I get to claim the catchy “thyme”  phrase idea.  I didn’t see it on Pinterest, however, I did see a bunch of herb bags and cactus favors for weddings so that is what helped me come up with the idea.  I was going to add signs that said, “Rooster”, “Hen” and “Chicks” so that each family member would know which favor was theirs but I ran out of “thyme”…see what I did there? ha!  I still think that would have been a fun idea!  I found Megan on Instagram (her work is phenominal) and asked her to create the wood Thyme sign for me and to also do the little planters.  She is seriously awesome to work with and so nice, sweet and helpful!  And as it turns out, we also have a few things in common.

The kids baskets included cookies from Sally’s Sweets in different farm animals (chicks and horses) and rice krispies which were supposed to be bails of hay, candy crystal (wheat) and orange bubble sticks which I added green yarn to create the carrot look!

I kept the food very simple.  Check Mix as the chicken feed, PB&J for the kids, Pigs in Blankets, some warm Ham and Cheese sliders using a favorite Pinterest recipe, and banana bread from the recipe book my mom gave me for a wedding gift!  I created the place card labels using a stamp I found at Hobby Lobby – I could have ordered custom from the same place where I had the invitations made but decided to spend the money I saved on other decorations.  I created the barn by using a trifold poster board and some brown water color paint!  It didn’t take long to do but was a bit finicky as I didn’t have a template to use – just cut and painted freehand.

All of the flowers were either from Michaels or fresh from HEB.  I had planned to go to Costco – they seriously have the best options for flowers and so reasonably priced but again, I was a bit overzealous!

I absolutely LOVE these letters I found at Hobby Lobby! I originally wanted white marquee letters but in order to get the size I needed, it would have been over $100 each…so not worth it.  These were 50% off and are huge!  I found the garland at Hobby Lobby – I would have loved to have used a real one but I have no idea where I would find one.

The fresh herb decals from Urban Walls are seriously even better in person.  I literally put them up the night before and although they were a bit finicky (probably because our walls are textured) they were easy to lay out.  I didn’t play any kind of pattern, just winged it!  The entry way was the “Farmers Market” where we had fresh fruit and veggies (seriously).  My dad even brought gardening magazines all the way from Vancouver, BC for us!  I hand painted the signs (mistake – totally should have used a white pen like I’ve done before but eh, you live and learn) for the baskets, and used some placemats that I had to line them.  I had planned to put the apple orchard sign above the baskets, but it was so heavy and I didn’t want to put more holes in the wall.  It would have been fun to have added a canopy with a gingham print but I already had enough on my plate!

Last but not least, the entry way.  I hand painted the large sign…like seriously, used a paint brush.  I quoted one out on etsy, and it was going to be too expensive so I decided to try it out on my own.  It was a lot cheaper but a bit more work.  I purchased some plywood from Home Depot and then stained it one weekend while the boys were sleeping.  I got the idea from one of Jillian Harris’ parties she threw a while back (I literally used hers as a template) and then started painting!  Again, probably should have used a white pen, but for some reason, I kept thinking that I needed to paint it! 🙂  The crates were on clearance at Target along with the watering can.  Michaels was also having a super sale (like 70% off) so I decided to purchase the little mailbox to house the boys invitations.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my pics and reading about everything I did.  I’ll list the sources below for everything.  Now, on to the next party – Noah’s 1st bday!

Cake and Cupcakes – Whisk Houston

Cake Stand. Flowers – HEB

Custom “Thyme” signs – Megan Marie Calligraphy

Stamp, Buffet Picket Fence, “TWO” Letters, Garland, Herb signs – Hobby Lobby

Faux Flowers, Kitchen Picket Fence, Mailbox – Michaels

Milk Glasses, Napkins, Wood Farm Boxes – H&M

Cookies – Sally’s Sweets

Entryway Wood Crates – Target

Berry Baskets, Orange Bubble Sticks, Sugar Crystal Sticks – Amazon

Stationary – Dixie Design

Wall Decals – Urban Walls

Apple Orchard Sign – HomeGoods

Turkey and Cheese Sliders – Recipe


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