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Wedding Bells

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting our Nanny’s wedding with the help of Pottery Barn in Sugar Land, TX.  She wanted to keep it very low key and simple so that’s what we did!  Stephan at Pottery barn was wonderful – he helped me come up with table centerpiece while Casey, our Au Pair, also had input.  She wanted to use succulents in her bouquet (which we made in about an hour –

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4th of July

I had so much fun putting the table together for the 4th of July.  We actually spent the day recovering from our drive home from Oklahoma that we did over night Monday.  We made a last minute decision to visit our friends and family.  It was so nice to catch up and let all of the babies (can I even say babies anymore when they are almost two?) play together.  Noah met his friend who was actually born on the same day,

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 For those of you who know me, I don’t do much of the cooking around the house.  In fact, I really don’t do any of it.  I really wish I did, but honestly, I don’t have the time.  So when I come across easy recipes, I get super excited.  I found this one on Pinterest and it looked easy enough that I was able to make it tonight!  It’s also perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend,

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I had so much fun planning the Sip & See for all of the babies at my work.  Total there were 7 under 9 months old with another 2 under 5 years old – talk about a ton of babies!  We were definitely busy yesterday.  I had planned for a month or so but even with all the planning, I still felt like I was running around like crazy. 

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I’ve been busy planning for the upcoming party I am hosting next weekend!  I have been having so much fun looking for ideas and putting things together.  When I saw the idea to put flowers in ice on pinterest a few years ago I was bound and determined to find a time to do it!  It’s super easy but makes such a statement.  I plan to use these ice cubes in the beer bucket (if you want to use them in drinks make sure you chose edible flowers!). 

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 Our bookcase finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited!  I have so many pieces of décor but I still think I will need more to make this look absolutely perfect.  I have been studying Pinterest for ways to style a bookcase and can’t wait to finally style ours.  I have been wanting this bookcase since we purchased our house 3 years ago – can you believe that?  I have been looking at this for 3 years?! 

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Flower Power!

I am obsessed with fresh flowers but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy them all the time.  The other day I went shopping for a party that I was planning and came across this adorable arrangement!  I am always hesitant buying fake flowers but when I found this cute little pot I knew I had to have it.  I even purchased another one in a different color.  Where do you guys go to purchase fake flowers?

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Let’s Celebrate!

I am so exciting to be hosting a Sip & See for my friends in the next few weeks!  I have been working on Pinterest Boards to gather my ideas in order to make the party look cohesive.  This book arrived this morning and I can’t wait to start skimming it for recipes and ideas – not only is it pretty but it also has some really great ideas!  Do you guys have any favorite entertaining books that I should purchase? 

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First Impressions

I just realized that I never wrote a post about my entryway.  I was so excited to finally complete it that I only posted a picture on Instagram!  I was also thrilled to get a call out from OneKingsLane for using their ginger jars on their Instagram feed – check it out here.  Our entry is one of my favorite spots in our home- it’s simple, bright and big – it’s also the first thing that our guests see when they come over! 

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Christmas Dinner!

This was our first year cooking a turkey and hosting Christmas for my in-laws (unfortunately they ended up with the flu Christmas Eve and couldn’t make it in).  It was fun but not as much fun as getting the table ready.  I started playing with the table setting the weekend before Christmas.  I didn’t want to try something and then decide last minute that something was missing (a mistake that I made over Thanksgiving –