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Santa Baby

I know, I know – I say it every year, but Christmas truly is my favorite holiday.  Nothing makes me more excited than spending time with family, eating lots of cookies, and drinking all the holiday drinks from Starbucks, but does anyone else think they have gotten about 2 times sweeter?!  Anyway, I still get them so who am I kidding, it’s clearly not that big of a deal.  Since we have had the boys,

Little Farmers Market

I had so much fun planning the boys 2nd birthday!  I knew exactly what I wanted about 6 months ago and found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram!  I may or may not have gone a bit overboard but they only turn 2 once right?  And any excuse to throw a party is never a bad thing!  I’m sure next year they will be telling me they want red and yellow trucks with dinosaurs and flying dragons!

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Wedding Bells

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting our Nanny’s wedding with the help of Pottery Barn in Sugar Land, TX.  She wanted to keep it very low key and simple so that’s what we did!  Stephan at Pottery barn was wonderful – he helped me come up with table centerpiece while Casey, our Au Pair, also had input.  She wanted to use succulents in her bouquet (which we made in about an hour –

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