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Santa Baby

I know, I know – I say it every year, but Christmas truly is my favorite holiday.  Nothing makes me more excited than spending time with family, eating lots of cookies, and drinking all the holiday drinks from Starbucks, but does anyone else think they have gotten about 2 times sweeter?!  Anyway, I still get them so who am I kidding, it’s clearly not that big of a deal.  Since we have had the boys,

Baby Noah in the House!

When I was deciding on newborn photos for Noah, I knew I really wanted a Lifestyle shoot, right in the comfort of my own home.  I’m not one that is huge into props, I tend to prefer a more organic feel to my pictures.  Also, the idea of dragging the family (a newborn and two 17 month olds) to a location for pictures after just having a c-section was a bit overwhelming.  So when Fulleylove Photography asked me about doing pictures,

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Newborn Life

  I can’t believe that Noah will be 12 weeks old on Friday – it feels like just yesterday that these pictures were taken.  When I was younger, I didn’t want to listen to my parents when they would tell me to enjoy the moment because time goes by much faster the older you get.  Now I finally understand what they meant.  We are all so busy living life that its easy to get into a routine and miss those moments. 

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Mother’s Day

This is my second Mother’s Day and now I have three baby boys!  We don’t have much planned for the weekend but honestly, I’m really looking forward to it.  Time is flying so fast.  I can’t believe that the boys are almost 20 months old and Noah is close to 3 months.  I told my husband that all I wanted for Mother’s Day were pictures of me and the boys.  Since my mother in law was in town as well,

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I had so much fun planning the boys 1st birthday!  I had so many ideas initially but ended up deciding to go with Where the Wild Things are theme.  I started planning their party 6 months ago on Pinterest but to be honest, waited until the last minute to actually put it all together. 

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The last few months have been a bit crazy but exciting crazy – I am officially out of the first trimester.  I never thought that I was going to see a positive pregnancy test again, let alone one without doing IVF!  Yes, this baby is all natural…he is our little miracle!  The day I took the test I was so nervous to tell Brent.  I knew he would be excited but completely shocked just as I was. 

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Fourth of July!

We had such a fun weekend – I am so sad that it is already over!  We decided to take the boys to the pool (this was only their 3rd time) and they had so much fun!  I found these floaties (these are similar) at Target and man they were a success; the boys loved them!  They even went into the adult pool.  It is so nice having a resort like pool in our neighborhood. 

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I thought I would finally share a post about our high chairs.  I searched everywhere for a chair that would fit nicely in our home.   I contemplated getting the Ikea chair since it is so reasonably priced and there are a ton of super cute Ikea covers now (I also just came across this one

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These three know the way to my heart.  I had so much fun taking pictures of these guys for Father’s Day.  Brent is such a doting dad – he truly adores these two!  His heart is so pure, so full of love and kindness – he challenges me to be a better person each and every day.  On days like today it is hard not to think about all the hopeful dads out there. 

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Traveling Mum!

Our trip to OKC started out as a bit of a disaster.  I had packed for two weeks straight so that it wouldn’t pile up at the end.  I purchased a cute backpack from Zara to help with all of our carry on items as I knew my hands would be full – thank goodness I did, it was a lifesaver.  We also carried on our Ergobaby carriers which we love!