Our trip to OKC started out as a bit of a disaster.  I had packed for two weeks straight so that it wouldn’t pile up at the end.  I purchased a cute backpack from Zara to help with all of our carry on items as I knew my hands would be full – thank goodness I did, it was a lifesaver.  We also carried on our Ergobaby carriers which we love!

Unfortunately for me, I ended up catching a pretty nasty cold the Sunday before we were scheduled to leave Friday.  I was also stubborn and refused to stay home from work…big mistake.  On our car ride to the airport I ended up having a pretty bad nosebleed – seriously, I don’t think I can remember the last time I’ve had a nosebleed!  Not a great way to start the trip.  On top of that, everyone ended up getting sick because of me. We made it though and it wasn’t a bad flight – Southwest Airlines treated the boys like little celebrities!  We even had the crew take a picture with them before we deplaned.

Our time in Oklahoma was short but full of activity.  We saw friends, family and all the fun new attractions to the city.  It made it hard to say goodbye!  I’m hoping that we can plan another trip soon because my heart truly misses everything about Oklahoma.  The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and not humid at all!  It was perfect for the dresses that I had purchased from Zara a few weeks ago!  I am loving the floral maxi dresses right now – I can’t stop buying them!  What are your favorites for the season?


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