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Our IVF/ICSI Journey

It worked – it actually worked (this is what I have to keep telling myself because there are days when it still doesn’t feel real)!  The last three months have been quite the roller coaster for us.  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support from our friends and family.

We started the testing process back in the fall to make sure everything was okay to move forward. 

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Day 4 – 2 Injections

I thought today was going to be easy until I found out that I had to take the second shot.  As soon as I read the message in my portal I started to shake.  I don’t mind the needles.  In fact, I’m getting pretty good at injecting but I am just so worried the entire time that I am going to screw something up while prepping.  We had a really hard time tonight trying to get the medicine into the syringe. 

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IVF Round 1 – Day 1

Today was our first appointment for our IVF cycle.  We are both so excited but super nervous.  When we showed up at the office we had expected to start the drugs Thursday but instead we started today.  I seriously can’t believe it – I still feel like this isn’t really happening!  We had our teaching class to show us how to mix the drugs and what dosages are needed.  For some reason mixing the drugs is what terrifies me the most. 

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Great news!  The nurse called today with our schedule for IVF – January 5th is our tentative first day of IVF.  It is crazy to think that THIS is really happening.  I can’t believe that after going through this battle for over three years, our day is finally within reach!  I have so many emotions right now – fear, joy, hope and worry are just a few.  I think back to the times when people would ask me about children and I would tell them that I didn’t want any. 

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One step forward

Today was a big day for us – we finally met with the fertility doctor.  He had such encouraging words for us and really made us feel better about the entire process.  It was really was nice to finally hear that our chances are good that IVF will work.

It has been a long year.  We have tried acupuncture, various isotonic vitamins, herbs, natural supplements and many other random “old wives tales” but still nothing worked. 

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One Step Closer

Yesterday was the dreaded procedure.  I can honestly say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought that it was going to be.  As we were driving in, both Jen and I became a bit skeptical – the facility wasn’t in the nicest of areas…but we also determined that we took the worst route possible.  Everything was fairly fast.  We arrived, checked in, and then about 10 minutes later, we were taken back into the prep room. 

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