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I had so much fun planning the Sip & See for all of the babies at my work.  Total there were 7 under 9 months old with another 2 under 5 years old – talk about a ton of babies!  We were definitely busy yesterday.  I had planned for a month or so but even with all the planning, I still felt like I was running around like crazy.  Thank goodness we had some help from Casey, our Au Pair and our friends who arrived a bit early to help me with the final touches!  Of course nothing went as planned but does it ever?

Since half the babies were girls I thought it would be fun to add flowers (Costco has the best selection of roses) – basically it gave me an excuse to make it a bit girly!  I made the garlands by buying the greenery at Hobby Lobby and then adding a few pieces of real greenery and flowers.  I waited until about 2 hours before to start cutting and adding the flowers (I was worried that they would wilt) but I don’t really think it was necessary…they are currently still fine as I haven’t thrown them away yet!  It’s just too pretty in the dining room!

For the naked cake, I purchased two box cakes and used an 8×3 pan and cooked each one separately.  It took about an hour for each cake.  Once they were cooled, I took them out and wrapped them in saran wrap and put them in the freezer over night.  A few hours before the party started, I sliced the cakes in half and then added some whipped topping.  To top it off, I added some of the flowers that I had leftover from the garlands – I used my favorites – peonies.  I purchased the macarons and cake balls from Petite Sweets in Houston – they are amazing.  The rose macarons actually tastes like a rose!  The meringues were from Trader Joes.

I had all of the cake stands and lanterns (most were from HomeGoods – although the white milk glass ones are from Horchow) because I hoard that stuff like a crazy woman but it always come in handy.  I did however, purchase the crates to add some height to the table.  Those were from Michaels.  The lamps were actually a DIY – you can see that post here.

Since it was such a crazy day, I missed taking pictures of the drink station where I had create a sign that said, “When I sip you sip we sip!” And then I also set up our entry way table and you can see a picture of that on my Instagram feed.

I hope you guys liked it!  Feel free to comment below with any places where you purchase home entertaining pieces!  Thanks for stopping by!



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