Great news!  The nurse called today with our schedule for IVF – January 5th is our tentative first day of IVF.  It is crazy to think that THIS is really happening.  I can’t believe that after going through this battle for over three years, our day is finally within reach!  I have so many emotions right now – fear, joy, hope and worry are just a few.  I think back to the times when people would ask me about children and I would tell them that I didn’t want any. I told myself that if I said it enough maybe I would start to believe it.  Maybe it would somehow help with the pain of knowing that having our own biological child may not be a reality for us.  Now that we are so close, it is hard for me to not get crazy excited.  But at the same time, I’m so worried that I am going to get my hopes up and it won’t work out.  I have heard so many stories of it not working that sometimes I discourage myself.  I also worry that maybe I will jinx myself if I tell too many people.  As of right now, I am trying my hardest to not let my worries get the best of me and to surround myself with positive thoughts and friends.





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