The last few months have been a bit crazy but exciting crazy – I am officially out of the first trimester.  I never thought that I was going to see a positive pregnancy test again, let alone one without doing IVF!  Yes, this baby is all natural…he is our little miracle!  The day I took the test I was so nervous to tell Brent.  I knew he would be excited but completely shocked just as I was.  So far all has been okay.  I had to be put on progesterone since my levels were so low but fortunately we caught it early.  My symptoms have been much stronger than what I had with the twins.  I’ve experienced much more morning sickness and have been extremely tired (this might be due to the fact that I have 11 month old twins).  My cravings have also been similar; I can’t get enough fruit right now.  Cookies, ice cream and most sweets make me feel horrible!

Last weekend we hosted a small gender reveal party at our house.  The symptoms made me think that maybe we were expecting a girl but my gut feeling was BOY. I had a dream early on that the doctor told me it was definitely a boy but you can’t really go off of a dream, right?  So I did the Chinese gender predictor, the string over the wrist, the string over the belly, the Ramzi method among many other tests!  It was about 50/50 – about right huh?   I think we were both nervous when it came time to open the box full of surprise balloons.  No one in the house knew for sure what was inside.  It was so fun to find out together – Max and Hudson are going to have a little brother!  Now it’s time to start planning a nursery and picking names!

PS – these pictures were taken before we found out!  It had just finished raining so it was so hot and humid – so much for fixing my hair and make up!


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  • Larry Hudson says:

    We are very excited to have another grandson to join the ‘hockey team’. That 7 pax van is going to get a lot of use.We hope you start to feel better soon.

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